Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Finally, a long overdue Sockapaloooza update.

I've finished my pal's first sock:

This is the "old-school" Opal yarn, bought when the line first came to the US, and there weren't even set colorways yet. I bought it sight unseen, and it somehow managed to linger in my stash for several years. My sock pal was pretty vague with her preferences and foot measurements, so I decided to go with a variegated yarn and a simple ribbed pattern. Although I'm not completely in love with the yarn (which makes it easier to give away, I guess), I have had fun knitting these socks, since the old Opal yarns always have a few sections where the colors get a little funky, as you can see in the random green section just above the heel.

On to sock #2!


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