Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I finally, finally, finally! finished my Olympic Knitting project, after exactly 2 months. Whew!

The front:

The back:

Another view of the back:

I haven't blocked it yet (which I know was part of the official Olympic Knitting rules), but I'm not sure if I'm going to. I'd be happy with added length (it comes to about mid-thigh now), but I don't want to risk widening the sleeves at all, as they're already pretty big.

So do I love it? No, not really. The knitting got pretty tedious at the end, and the 10+ hours of weaving in ends and seaming didn't really help. The sleeves are a bit too long, so I might mess around with the cuffs a bit to prevent bagging, and the jacket has a bit too much ease and not quite enough definition, so it doesn't look quite right if I try to wrap it around me. The whole thing just has a bit more bulk than I had anticipated.

Am I completely dissatisfied? No. I did enjoy participating in the Knitting Olympics, and having a fixed goal while I watched the Games. I'm also really happy that I finally did something with the kit I purchased so many years ago. I have quite a bit of yarn left over - probably enough for one of the vests in Vivian Hoxbro's "Shadow Knitting," which would be a smaller project and one where it would probably be easier to control the size.

Overall, I'm really glad to be done, and I'm proud of myself for sticking with this project and finishing it up, even if I was way outside my original timeframe. Even if rarely wear this jacket, or land up giving it away, I certainly won't regret knitting it.


Finally, a long overdue Sockapaloooza update.

I've finished my pal's first sock:

This is the "old-school" Opal yarn, bought when the line first came to the US, and there weren't even set colorways yet. I bought it sight unseen, and it somehow managed to linger in my stash for several years. My sock pal was pretty vague with her preferences and foot measurements, so I decided to go with a variegated yarn and a simple ribbed pattern. Although I'm not completely in love with the yarn (which makes it easier to give away, I guess), I have had fun knitting these socks, since the old Opal yarns always have a few sections where the colors get a little funky, as you can see in the random green section just above the heel.

On to sock #2!