Tuesday, July 26, 2005

You Can Lead a Blogger to a Computer...

... but you can't make them blog.

After seeing Alison's massive Sockapal2za update today, I realized it was high time I got off my lazy ass and updated my blog. Or some proverbial equivalent to that, since I am, in fact, still sitting on my lazy ass.

Anyhoo... yes I was driven to blog by the fear that in another week or two, I'd have my own special section on Alison's Knit-a-long-Tuesday update. "Here we have links to 349 Sockapal2za pals and their beautiful socks. And here we have a link to Cathy, the SockapalSlacker who hasn't updated her blog in a month-and-a-half."

Yes, I fear public humiliation.

Okay, so I don't really think anyone would ever do that (certainly not a friendly person like Alison who really doesn't know me from a hole in the wall), but in my own defense, I have, in fact, started my Sockapal2za socks.

Not that I have a picture of them or anything, 'cause that would make just too much sense.

What I do have is a picture of my first Vine Lace sock:

I have not yet started #2, but since these will probably be a birthday present for my mum, I've got a bit of time (famous last words).

Even better, my LL Fresh Stripe socks, fully completed:

I mailed these off to Val about 2 weeks ago, only missing her birthday by about 2 months. (Yeah, I'm a great friend.) She called me up, while laying on her kitchen floor, to let me know that she had gotten them and that they fit perfectly. And also that she'd had a few beers with friends earlier that evening. It was probably the most entertaining voicemail I've ever gotten. Which reminds me... I had meant to call Courtney and Val a few days after that to make sure they had survived that hurricane or whatever natural disaster had struck Georgia. Oops. Well, no news is good news... right?

Uhh... excuse me... I need to go catch up on my phonecalls....


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