Thursday, June 02, 2005

Yarnish Goodness

Yes, the Yarn Diet is definitely over (though it may be time for a new one):

A close-up:

From left to right: a wound ball of Georgetown (the other is on the needles), then Sherbert, Sassy Stripe, Ice House, Douglas Fir, Fresh Stripe, and Daffodil. I'm going to have some sockin' fun this summer. (I am, of course, overlooking the fact that I don't tend to knit in the summer. I'm hoping for an air conditioning miracle, and a lack of interest in cross-stitching.)

I finally finished my Multi Effects socks:

Summary: Regia Multi Effects #5375. 88 stitches cast on size 0 needles. K2P2 ribbing for 5 inches, then the usual business for the heel and foot. I have this yarn in two other colorways, and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of them (so much yarn, so little time...).

I also finished the first turquoise Regia sock:

I haven't started the second one yet, and probably won't for a while. I'm just not currently interested in knitting it. I won't let it become too much of a UFO, though. Only the Lone Pink Sock can hold that title. :)

Lastly, I've made a bit more progress on the purple Koigu Chevron scarf:

In other news, I'm a bit disappointed in the Deep Throat revelation. I must confess, I was hoping for someone whose name I recognized. Then again, Nora Ephron seems to have figured it out on her own, so maybe I just didn't pay enough attention to Watergate in history class. Blah. But, a generational mystery has been cleared up. Now I'm waiting to hear who killed JFK.


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