Friday, May 13, 2005

Show Your Tattoo Day

Never someone to pass up the opportunity to show off my body art (so long as I don't have to peel off clothing), I couldn't pass up Nancy's open invitation to participate in Show Your Tattoo Day.

So here are my tattoos:

I got this one during my sophmore year of college, way back in 1999. A bunch of friends were all planning to go just before Spring Break, and I didn't want to miss out on the chance. I'd been wanting a tattoo for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity. This one took about 45 minutes, and is on my back, on my right shoulder blade.

About 6 months later, in October of 1999, I decided to get another one:

This one also took about 45 minutes, and is on my upper right arm. I was originally thinking about an eyebrow ring, but decided it might not look too good on me. That, and I'm reluctant to pierce anything but my ears. The dragon's tail shows under the edge of the sleeve of some of the shirts I wear to work, but I haven't gotten any complaints from my boss yet. I went by myself to get this one, since I was housesitting for a weekend and had a car to use. It was probably more fun to go as part of a group (and I'm glad I did for my first one), but I wouldn't mind going alone again, either.

I'm contemplating a third tattoo, but have no definite plans right now. For now I'm content with the two that I have, and my 10 earrings. ;)

Oh, and I've definitely learned something from this experience. Trying to take a decent picture of your own upper back, even with the help of the bathroom mirror, requires feats of contortion that I never again want to attempt. Next time, I will enlist Andrew's help (even if it means enduring the 10 minute conversation in which he expresses bafflement at why I would want to post pictures of my tattoos on my blog).

Knitting progress has been slow this week. I've started the second Multi Effects sock, and am almost done with the toe of the blue/green sock for Val (and obviously have no hope of completing them for her birthday, which is tomorrow). Hopefully I'll get a bit done this weekend while Andrew is grading exams.


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