Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Have Blog, Will...

... Update? Apparently not. :)

Nothing exciting going on right now. Andrew and I went to see Star Wars last week, at the midnight showing on Wednesday night/ Thursday morning. I really liked it. Yes, the acting was less-than-stellar, and the dialogue downright bad, but I don't watch Star Wars for an Oscar-winning screenplay. Episode III definitely gives a new perspective to the original Trilogy, and makes the character of Darth Vader quite tragic. I'm looking foward to the release of all 6 movies in a box set so I can have a Star Wars watching marathon (maybe over 2 or 3 days) to see how it all really ties together.

Knitting hasn't been too exciting lately, although I did finally buy yarn:

This is from Blackberry Ridge. I also bought two patterns from them, one for the Evening in Eden stole (burgandy yarn), and one for the Falling Leaves scarf (green yarn). Because, yes, I need more scarves and shawls.

Of course, I am not working on either one of those things right now.

(Thank you to Jon Stewart and his book for modeling my scarf.)

This is the Chevron Scarf, from Scarf Style, in 5 different shades of purple Koigu. The yarn was originally purchased to make a Charlotte's Web, but I've already got one of those on the needles (in Helen's Lace, naturally), so I decided to put this to other use. What I'm most looking forward to, though, is weaving in all those ends. Oh yeah, someone pass me a darning needle!

While waiting in line for Star Wars, I worked on the second Multi Effects sock:

I'm now half done with the heel flap. No real pressing urge to finish these, as it's pretty warm outside, and I already have a full sock drawer.

I started knitting the cover scarf from Knitting on the Edge, but I couldn't get my cables to cooperate (or I was just being overly negative and sensitive), and I wasn't sure I really wanted that scarf in red, and blah, blah, blah, I frogged it. Then I started the Chevron Scarf. So much for cables.


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