Thursday, May 26, 2005

The CIA is Visiting...

According to MSNBC, the CIA is conducting cyberterrorism simulations here in Charlottesville this week. (Go anonymous news sources!) You can read about it here.

Last summer I worked for the Vanderbilt University police department. A relatively unexciting job, I did ocassionally get to meet interesting people (these people do not include the tobacco-chewing mysoginist who was obsessed with Batman). My goal, by the end of the summer, was to meet an agent or officer from most of the major government conspiracy-farms (CIA, FBI, DoD, Secret Service). By the end of the summer I had met several Secret Service agents (who should really wear larger jackets to hide their guns), several FBI agents (who, sadly, were nothing like Mulder and Scully from X-Files. Damn TV and its illusions!), and people from a variety of branches in the Department of Defense. Oh, and one guy from the Dept. of Agriculture.

Sadly, though, I never met anyone in the CIA. At least that I was aware of. So now I'm tempted to go find these folks with their little InternetAttack game, and see if I can fulfill my lifelong ambition of meeting a CIA agent.

No, I'm not really serious about that - I have no intention of squirreling out a secret CIA office (something that would surely get me arrested, or at least body-cavity-searched), nor is it my lifelong ambition to meet a CIA agent (who, I'm sure, are nothing like the ones on TV). While it would be a neat experience, it's not something worthy of my tombstone (Here Lies Cathy: She Met An Obscure CIA Agent 50 Years Ago, And Wouldn't Shut Up About It). So no worries; the next update of my blog will not be from prison (or an undisclosable location, where I'm sure they wouldn't let me have a computer anyway).

I'm taking this too far. I should get back to work. Have a good day everyone. Maybe tomorrow I'll guide this back to knitting and talk about yarn-based government conspiracies.


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