Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pictures! (and...) I'm Feeling Better

Thanks to those of you who sent along "feel better" wishes. I am definitely feeling much less cruddy today, although that didn't stop me from dragging my feet enough to be 10 minutes late for work this morning. It's okay, though - my boss doesn't come in until 9. :)

Yes, I have pictures today. I parked myself in front of the computer last night to play some Settlers of Catan while Andrew made dinner (mashed potatoes and broccoli), and made myself upload my pictures before trying to take over the world.

First, the Spiral Blankie:

The coffee table in action!

Summary: Spiral Blanket Pattern, knit flat on size 8 needles with 5 skeins of Patons Grace in the color Ginger, and a double-crochet cast off. The pattern calls to cast on and knit in the round on dpns, but I couldn't get the slippery yarn and slippery needles to cooperate with the small number of stitches and all the yo's. So I seamed it up at the end. Overall, I'm really pleased with how it turned out, but I doubt that I'd try to make another one. At over 400 stitches per row by the end, it just got too mind-numbing to want to do again. Still, it makes for a great gift.

On to socks...

Nothing exciting to report about this sock so far. I'm doing a k2p2 rib on the leg, and knitting plain for the foot. Pretty mindless, but the yarn repeats fast enough that it's quite fun to watch.

No work on Charlotte last night since I was feeling off-kilter. Andrew has a paper due later this week, so maybe while he's writing I'll get in some good lace knitting time. We'll see.

Happy Tuesday!


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