Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It Is, Ocassionally, A Small World (Among Other Things)

I was sitting at my desk yesterday, drinking tea out of my TSF mug, when my boss's 11:00 appointment came in. I had met this woman before, and chatted with her briefly, but never had any kind of a serious conversation. She's sitting in the waiting area when I notice her peering at my desk. All of a sudden she says "I couldn't help but noticing your Knitter's Without Borders mug; do you also read the Yarn Harlot's blog?" I said yes, and we started chatting about how funny Stephanie is and what other knitting blogs we like to read (I also directed her to the Barnes and Noble here to pick up the bookbookbook). Then she asked me what I liked to knit. Well, socks, of course! Come to find out, she is also an avid socknitter, and is just about to start a cabled pair (ooh... cabled socks... one of these days). At that point she had to go into the meeting, but that was the first time I've run into another more-than-casual knitter here, and certainly the first time anyone's recongnized my TSF mug. How great. :)

In knitting news, I finished the first Multi Effects sock on Saturday night. Andrew and I spent too much time watching the NFL draft on Saturday, so I got oddles of knitting done. I also started a Flower Basket Shawl from the Fall '04 IK; I have 2 repeats of the middle section done, and hope to finish by the end of the week. Pictures one of these days.

I was finally able to give the Spiral Blankie to my expecting co-worker. She loved it, and everyone she showed it to loved it as well, and they all exclaimed how they had never seen a circular baby blanket before. Maybe I'll start a new trend... :)

Oh, one other thing. This is totally not knitting-related, so skip over this if you're bored by my meandering curiosity.

Andrew and I happened to catch a few minutes of Dr. 90210 last night. The segment we saw the most of featured a woman who was interested in gender reassignment surgery. The patient had already obviously started the process, since he (I'll refer to him as "he" since that is his sexual identity and chosen appearance) had facial hair and was about to undergo surgery for breast removal.

The part I found interesting is that when the doctor was examing his breasts and marking him up for surgery, the nipple area was fuzzed out. During surgery when the breast tissue was being removed, the nipple areas was still fuzzed out. However, at the end when the surgery was complete and the doctor was doing final suturing, the nipples were not fuzzed out. And, later in the episode, when the patient took his shirt off, there was no fuzzing out.

So I'm curious - what's so offensive about the female nipple? "NippleGate" at the Superbowl comes to mind, but I think these are actually two different issues. On the TV show, the nipple was fuzzed out, but no attempt was made to actually diguise the breast itself. At the Superbowl, Janet Jackson's nipple was more than covered by her piercing (or whatever that was), but the public was still outraged (after all, a violent sport like football is clearly a family sport, as evidenced by the number of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs so prominently featured during commercials). I'm wondering -- If I were to wear a shirt that covered everything but my nipples, would I be arrested, or would I have to be completely topless? (No, I will not do an experiment to find out.) It just seems like the really offensive part of showing female nipples is that the breast must also be exposed at the same time. But why, then, do they only fuzz out the nipple on TV shows, yet make no attempt to disuguise the breasts? In the meantime, men are taking off their shirts with no fuzzing at all... meaning that nipples aren't offensive unless they have developed breasts attached... even though the breasts aren't fuzzed out... and you can see where I'm going with this. It just seems a bit paradoxical to me.

I can't wait to see what kind of hits I'll get after this post!

Have a good week, everyone.


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