Monday, April 18, 2005

I Feel A Sick Day Coming On...

You know, given the amount of free time I ocassionally find myself with at work (let's not mention that to my boss, okay?), you'd think I'd be a little more on top of this whole blogging thing. I've been knitting my usual 2-3 hours a day, and even taking lots of blog-worthy photos, but I just can't seem to actually get them up to the blog. Ugh.

Yeah, I feel cruddy today. I slept for 12 hours Friday night, which should've been a sign that I wasn't up to speed. Now it's Monday, and I really wish I wasn't at work. I plan to bolster myself with sugar and caffiene from Starbucks during my lunch hour.

Knitting continues.... I finished the spiral blanket, just in time for my co-worker to go on maternity leave, so I'm hoping she'll stop by the office later this week. If not, it's off to the post office.

Charlotte has been re-re-started. I'm up to row 20 right now. Yep, blazin' along on that one.

I started a new pair of socks, using Regia Multi-Effects. I love that stuff. I'm at the gussett decreases on the first sock, so I should have the pair done just in time for it to be too warm out for wool socks. Oh well.

The Rainbow Jacket is officially stalled. Damn increases. It's not abandoned, just in a very lengthy kind of time-out as I try to decide what kind of creative math I want to use for the shoulders. :)

I finished watching Season 4 of Buffy last night (which is probably another reason I haven't been blogging - too much TV). I wasn't so thrilled with this season. I'm sure part of it is due to the absence of Angel (Riley is too "Iowa farm boy" for me), but mostly it just felt like a filler season to me. Oh, and while Adam was a great Frankenstein's Monster-redux, as the Big Bad, he wasn't so hot. Yeah, it's profound that he waxes philosophical about the nature of his existence and exacts all kinds of covert plans, but really, I just want a good bare-knuckle fist-fight from time to time. Loved the final episode, though. Now I must save up the money for season's 5-7, and since I just bought new sandals, that may be a little while.

Okay, I've definitely rambled on enough. I blame it on the general cruddy feeling which is currently pervading my skull. Hopefully sugar and caffiene will help. Pictures one of these days...


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