Saturday, March 26, 2005

Leftover Pizza

I meant to post this about a week ago, but never quite got my hands on the computer for long enough. :)

Andrew and I are big fans of pizza. We eat it with regular frequency. When we first moved in here, Andrew suggested we leave the pizza box in the oven to retain heat, so if you wanted another slice later, it'd still be pretty hot. It's been a regular practice in our house since then.

Andrew and I ordered pizza on a Thursday night, and I never quite got around to finishing my leftovers. Last Saturday we decided to broil some fish for dinner. Yummy. We started preheating the oven, and after a few minutes noticed a faint odor in the kitchen. Smelled vaguely like something was burning. We assumed it was grease or whatever on the broiler pan and ignored it.

The smell increases.

We put the fish in the broiler and start the first 5 minutes of cooking. About 4 minutes into it, we both agree the smoke has gotten really bad, and that something must be wrong with the broiler. We turn it off.

The smell increases, as does the amount of smoke in the kitchen.

I notice smoke pouring our of the back of the stove, and tell Andrew. He opens up the oven, and what do we find? The pizza box. Naturally, by opening up the oven, we fed the smouldering box with lots of oxygen, so it really burst into flames.

By this point all three smoke alarms had gone off and were taken down. Now we open all the windows and doors (it's 40 outside), and try desperately to fan some of the smoke out the door. I go upstairs, and realize the smoke has completely filled the bedroom and library, and open the windows up there too. Meanwhile, we're both desperately hoping that none of our neighbors get freaked out and call the firedepartment.

We agree that trying to get the pizza box out of the oven is an excercise in foolishness, and leave it in there to burn out. In the meantime, we've taken the half-cooked fish out of the broiler, and it's sitting on top of the stove.

15 minutes later, this is what the oven looks like:

Where's the pizza you ask? Here:

The red arrows are pointing to what's left of my two slices of pepperoni/mushroom pizza. Yummy. Andrew says there's also a jalapeno in that picture somewhere, but I can't find it.

We eventually finished cooking dinner (it was still fairly edible), and, a week later, the smoke smell is mostly gone from the house. We haven't ordered pizza since then, though. :)

For a brief knitting update, I'm onto the instep of the second 5001 sock. It doesn't look too different from the other one, so I won't post a pic until it's done. I've also worked on the Rainbow Jacket a bit, but don't have anything too impressive to report.

Have a good (leftover pizza-free) weekend! Happy Easter to anyone who observes. :)


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