Saturday, March 05, 2005

First, Some Snow

I just like this picture because the table looks like a big Hershey's Kiss. :)

I do actually have some knitting progress to report. I took yesterday off from work, and spent far too much time watching King Arthur, which I definitely suggest that everyone not rent. If it wasn't for the knitting, it would've been a wasted 2 1/2 hours.

This picture is actually a bit old. I've now finished the gusset, so I have about 4 inches to go until the toe. I'd like to be done in time for Alison's Tuesday Knitalong update, which I think I can do. Now all I need is a postcard from Charlottesville.

Since I somehow can't live without 3 projects going at once, I cast on this scarf:

I plan on donating this one to CIC when it's done. It's a basic 4-row rib stitch, from Knitting On The Edge.

Finally, I had a package waiting for me when I got home on Thursday evening:

Lauren, of Almost Felted, was knitting a scarf for her boyfriend's friend, only to have him decide (halfway into the project) that what he said he wanted (which she had dutifully knitted) wasn't what he really wanted, and now he wasn't so interested. So poor Lauren got stuck with 7 balls of yarn in colors that she wasn't too interested in, either. I've been wanting to try some of the KnitPicks yarn for a while (but can't, because of the yarn diet), so I offered to trade her some Filatura di Crosa Luna for her abandoned scarf. It's Andean Silk, an alpaca/merino/silk blend, which I think will make a great scarf for windy winter days, and I love the colors (the red is a nice tomato/brick shade), so I think we both came out of this trade happy. Thanks Lauren!

In other news, Andrew and I are celebrating our third anniversary today. I bought him a ring (at his request - he wanted some bling), after having him measure his ring size. He did the little thing with the piece of string and a ruler, and said he was a size 13. No problem. I go to the jewelry store, pick out a nice, manly ring, and ask them to size it up to a 12 1/2 (I was skeptical of the size 13 measurement). The jeweler assures me they can size it up again if it's still too small. I give it to Andrew today, he tries it on, and let's just say it was in no danger of being too small. That thing was hanging off of his finger. We went back to the jewelry store to have his finger measured under more accurate settings, and to have the ring re-sized. Turns out his finger is actually a size 9. Apparently Andrew has some difficulty measuring things in units smaller than square feet or megahertz. But I love him anyway. :)


At 4:04 AM, Blogger Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary!! I see that you won't mind too much weaving in ends on a striped scarf, or maybe you're just masochistic?


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