Saturday, February 19, 2005


2/21 Edit: I tried to post this message on Saturday, and blogger ate it. I signed on this morning to re-post it, as well as some diatribe-ish things about blogger, and here it is, patiently wating as a drafted post. Who knew?

Yarngirl posted a message on her blog a few days ago about this promotion Adagio Teas was running. In exchange for placing a button from their website on your website or blog, they'll send you a free gift based on your Google Page Rank (I have no idea what that is). I love tea, and I also love free stuff, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I put the button on my page, submitted my info, and (after a few glitches on my part) got my free gift 2 days later. These folks are fast!

How cool is that? All in exchange for putting a button on my page. The teas are (from l-r): Ginseng Green, Citron Green, Green Pekoe Blues, and Cocomint Green. (I signed up for the green tea package). Even better, you get a free tea maker, which is probably the best part. You can boil the water directly in the teapot, then add the leaves, let it steep, and then put it directly on top of your tea mug. The lever at the bottom is depressed by the rim of the mug, and the tea streams out the bottom, with the leaves strained out by the filter inside!

Off to drink some tea. Have a great weekend everyone!


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