Thursday, February 24, 2005


It's snowing here in Charlottesville today. I suspect this will be the last snowfall of the season, so I'm determined to enjoy it as much as possible. If only I weren't stuck in my office all day... maybe I'll make some snow angels on the Lawn during lunch. :)

Andrew and I watched the finale of Project Runway last night. We were both a little disappointed since we felt that Wendy had the most wearable collection (well, except for the "boobie dress"), but the judges dismissed her, it seemed, without any real consideration or substantial criticism. We both got a kick out of Jay's final dress (a feathery fuschia creation). I said it looked like he skinned a Muppet. Andrew said (and I quote) "She [the model] looks like a pinata. You could hang her up, beat her to death, and candy would fall out of her vagina." We weren't too keen on Kara Suan's designs, either. They were beautifully constructed, but too Gucci-esque (as one of the judges said), and reminded us both too much of some kind of a retro 20's flapper movement. I honestly can't picture anyone other than Gwen Stefani wearing any of those outfits (I'm not sure why, but her image kept popping in my head when I saw Kara Suan's outfits).

Anyhoo, no pictures of Clapotis yet, as they're still trapped on my camera. If I'm feeling motivated I'll try to post them tonight. If not, then probably over the weekend.

I've officially started my second Sockapalooza sock. I've only done the ribbing and first repeat, since my elbow was bothering me last night. I'd still like to have it done by March 1 so I can move on to other things (like the other 6 billion pairs of socks I have yarn for).

I also picked up my Rainbow Jacket for the first time in over a month. I knit 4 rows, and then decided I really did need to drop a needle size since my row gauge is just too far off (I'm geting 40 rows to 4", and the pattern calls for 46), and I'm not willing to spend the time adjusting the pattern to my new gauge. So I'm going to frog back to the cuff (only about 2 hours work), and re-start on size 4 needles.

It's a little strange having only 2 WIP's right now. I usually try to keep a steady rotation of three: one pair of socks or other portable project, one bigger project that isn't too difficult for low-concentration days, and one more complex multi-month project. Right now I only have the Sockapalooza sock and the Rainbow Jacket, so maybe I'll start a scarf for CIC or something for my unmotivated knitting days. :)

Off to go play in the snow! (Okay, not really. But I'll dream of it as I sit at my desk.)


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