Wednesday, February 16, 2005

No Pictures Today

No pictures today. That may be a good thing right now, though. :)

I actually had wanted to bring my camera to work today - since the weather's been so warm, the flowers are starting to bloom in several of the Gardens, and I wanted to get a few shots of the crocuses and snowdrops before they get frozen by the snowstorm that I'm still convinced we're going to get. :)

But... I forgot my camera, so no pictures on the blog, no pictures on the camera, just... no pictures.

Clapotis is still on hold, as I rev myself up for more of Section 3. Maybe this weekend. Andrew's mom and Aunt Julie are coming to visit on Saturday, so knitting time will be at a minimum while we do touristy things with them, but I've still got Friday and Saturday nights, and all day Sunday. (In the meantime, it's rapidly becoming too warm for me to wear a wool scarf. I must have more snow!)

Spent a good deal of time last night working on my Sockapalooza socks. I now have 6 inches of the foot done, with about 2 more and a toe to go. My pal's feet are slightly longer than mine (10" to my 9 1/2"), but the same otherwise, so I haven't had to do any tricky math or pattern adjustments. I should have this sock done in two more evenings, barring knitting disasters.

The last part of my Valentine's Day gift arrived yesterday. I had told Andrew about a needle holder from Patternworks a while ago as a gift idea, and it came yesterday. Yay! The last few projects I've done have necessitated me buying more straight needles in different sizes, and they were quickly becoming a nuisance to store. I put all my needles in the case last night, and it's exactly what I needed. Thanks sweetie!

Pictures (good ones, I hope) soon. :)


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