Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Case of the Blah's

I've been feeling a bit cruddy lately - off-kilter enough to notice, but not enough to really justify staying home from work - so knitting has been a bit slow the last few days.

I knitted the heel flap for the Sockapalooza sock, and started turning the heel, but I wasn't too happy with how it was coming out. So... I ripped, and I'll try a slightly different decrease for a smoother bottom. We'll see.

I worked on my Clapotis last night while watching (still more) documentaries from Return of the King. While learning about digital effects and musical scoring, I knitted two more repeats of Section 3, and dropped 2 more stitches. I've now dropped 6 stitches, which I guess means I'm 1/3rd done with the scarf. I'm loving the way this is turning out and can't wait to wear it. However, I must still temper my desire for Clapotis with my need to finish my Sockapalooza socks on time. I think I'm still in good shape, though.

Not much else going on. The weather here has been insanely warm the last few days, and I find myself longing for one more good snow storm before Spring really starts. Everyone around me seems to think I'm a bit nuts, but I really feel like I got cheated this winter. Oh well. There's still a few weeks left in February to hope for. :)


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