Monday, January 31, 2005


As not-quite-promised, here are pics of my weekend FO's.

First, the Crusoe socks:

Pardon the crappy lighting. I was trying for an artsy outdoor shot, but there was freezing rain falling, and little natural light. You can get an idea of the real loudness of the yarn from my previous pics of these socks.
Summary: Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in "Sweetie," with the Crusoe pattern from Knitty. 88 stitches cast on size 0 needles.

Mum's Pocket Scarf:

Another crappy picture. Although it's nearly impossible to tell, the right side is the "right" side of the scarf. The left side is the "wrong" side, with the pocket. I chose to put the pockets on the inside of the scarf for a few reasons: 1) it looked better with the pattern; 2)you can keep your arms warm inside the scarf while still having your hands in the pockets; 3) if the scarf is just hanging around your neck, you can use the pockets for kleenex (very important for my mum), without having them bulge out on the outside. I also discovered that the pockets are very good weights to hold the scarf in place when it's wrapped around your neck.
Summary: Filatura di Crosa Luna in my own pattern (k 1 row, p1 row, k 3 rows; repeat) on size 11 needles.

Finally, the Hat (not the NippleHat, just the Hat):

Yup, another crappy photo. Natural light has been at a real minimum the last few days. I'm thrilled with the way this hat turned out, but I'll definitely knit the next one in the round.
Summary: Filatura di Crosa Luna in a cable pattern from Winter 03/04 Vogue Knitting. 3 inches of ribbing on size 7 needles, pattern in size 11.

My only complaint about this pattern is the way it grooooows when washed. The magazine explains the need to use the big needles because of all the tension created by the intense cableing. However, that also means the yarn (normally knit on size 7 or so) has plenty of room to grow. This hat really tried to stretch itself out when I went to block it. Only some serious smushing effort on my part kept it a normal, snug size. I'm a bit concerned about making a sweater in this pattern, since I get perfect gauge, and I don't want to land up with a sweater that is suddenly two sizes too big just because I tried to wash it. It's a bit irritating, since this is the yarn called for by the pattern, and no mention of this issue is made (though I certainly can't be the only person to notice it). I'll probably knit a test swatch and wash it to get an exact idea of the growth percentage. Then I'll adjust the sweater accordingly. What a pain in the ass.

That's all for now. I'm going to work on my Clapotis a bit more tonight. Details tomorrow or Wednesday.


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