Friday, January 14, 2005

It's Friday...

It's Friday... and that is definitely a good thing.

I made some more updates on my blog yesterday - I've switched to Haloscan for my comments (I'm hoping this might cut down on the number of Anonymous comments I get), added some new buttons to my sidebar, and also added an "Alongs" section to my sidebar where I have the buttons to my knit-alongs and yarn-non-buying-along.

Knitting has been a little slow this week. I'm still a bit demoralized over the whole "NippleHat" issue. It's currently sitting upstairs on Andrew's desk next to my computer (I don't have a desk, but he had two). I may suck it up and frog this weekend, but I know that's going to be a bit of a nightmare, so I'm fully immersed in avoidance behavior right now.

I started the replacement scarf for Mum on Tuesday. The one I made for her birthday (from a Patons yarn whose name I don't remember) was just too scratchy to be worn, so I'm making a replacement from the Filitura di Crosa Luna I have. The plan was for a matching hat and scarf set, which will still happen, as soon as I get up the motivation to either frog the current hat, or just suck it up and make her a new one. Anyway, I have about 12" on the scarf done. (I told you knitting progress was slow.)

I've been reading quite a bit over the last few days. I finished Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The Firebrand" on Tuesday night, and then spent Wednesday and Thursday nights reading Anne Bishop's "Dreams Made Flesh," a collection of short stories to follow her Black Jewels trilogy. I couldn't put the book down, and stayed up reading until 12:00 on Wednesday night. I started a bit earlier last night, and finished the book around 10:30. Next, I'll be reading "Love in a Dead Language," which Andrew gave me for Christmas.

In other news, Stephanie's MSF drive has passed the $47,000 mark, as of yesterday afternoon. The generosity of people continues to amaze me.

Tomorrow, Andrew and I are off to Orange, VA for his grandfather's 80th (85th?) birthday party. It should be a fairly casual affair, and it'll give me plenty of time to work on the second Crusoe sock in the car.

Pictures of the NippleHat and other fun stuff this weekend, I promise.


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