Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Harry Potter Fans, Rejoice!

An early Christmas present for all you HP fans out there:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be published July 16, 2005.

That reminds me... I should post a picture of the wizard scarf I made myself for the premier of the first movie. That, and about a dozen other pictures.

In other knitting news, I finished Liz's scarf, and mailed it out Saturday morning. It could've used a blocking before mailing, but I figured since I was just going to fold it, wrap it, and stuff it into an envelope, I could get away without blocking. That, and I didn't have time. There was more drama with the scarf, but I'll detail that tomorrow when I post some pictures.

The last two Christmas gifts are still undone. I have about 3 inches to knit on the Hat, and another 5 inches and a toe on the Fluted Banister sock. They'll definitely be done by Friday, but I may be shaving it a bit close. Next year, fewer handknitted gifts. Everyone will get Susan's mini-stockings instead (12/21 entry).

More tomorrow, I promise. Today's my last day at work until January (WaHoo!), so the next two days will be consumed with baking, wrapping, knitting, wrapping, and watching some cheesy movies on TV.

Happy holidays, everyone!


At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the date on HP. I marked it on my calendar. It would be fun to do a countdown for it. I wish I could think of something knitting related for that. Enjoy the holidays! It's in single digits in Boston today, but should be up to the 50's by the time you reach the Cape.



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