Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

Yup, today I turned the big 25. My first quarter-century. Honestly, it doesn't feel too different from 24. Give me a few weeks to confirm that though. So far, I haven't noticed too many great bonuses associated with turning 25. Andrew did mention one last night, but it's only semi-relevant to my life now: I can now rent a car without paying that stupid-ass $20-a-day under-25 fee. So as soon as I save up the money to travel somewhere, I'll be able to rent a car for a slightly less-obscene price.

My birthday has been great, so far. Andrew made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and I opened some gifts from my family. My grandmother sent me some cute PJ's and some money to treat myself, and my mum sent me the pastry dough blender I asked for (great for making pie crusts), candy, and also some money. In addition, my mum sent me the cake plate that belonged to my great-grandmother. People who know more about such things than I estimate it was made in 1870. 135 years old, and it looks brand new. I'll post a picture of it when I get back from the holidays. It's a beautiful piece, and it'll be great for displaying desserts and as a conversation piece.

Andrew and I ran some errands, and then we went to Panera to get lunch. After lunch, he let me open my gift:

I'm so excited about this one. Andrew bought me the last two, so it was really sweet of him to finish off the set for me. We're going to camp out and watch it a bit later tonight. I can't wait!

I was going to bake myself a cake today (Andrew's mum is going to make me a cake, but that won't be until Sunday), but I'm too tired of the kitchen to think about it. I'll wait until the post-holiday sugar-aversion has faded, and maybe we'll celebrate with cake on January 24th or something.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...


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