Friday, November 19, 2004

Yarn Diet, and The Shawl

All of you are my witnesses - I'm going on a yarn diet for at least the next six months (that would be until about May 15, 2005. Eek!). No excuses - no yarn that's "just what I need" for a specific project, no more ball or two of sock yarn (but it's so small...). I've had my binge, and now it's time to fast. Needles are, of course, excluded from this injunction. More details and pictures of my binge when it arrives here. Let's just say that Charlotte's Web and I are going to become really good friends over the next year or so.

In other news, the Lunchtime Sock now has a heel, and is slowly working it's way through the gusset decreases. Marcia's Fluted Banister sock now has a heel flap, and should be well on it's way down the foot by the end of the weekend. Liz's scarf hasn't progressed much since last weekend, but it'll be front and center now.

What else...

I was working on something else, wasn't I?

Oh yeah...

The Shawl is done!!!!!!!!!! 8 months after casting on, I've finally hit the end of the 8th skein of yarn. I finished binding off just about an hour ago. Now it's laying on the floor, slowly drying after its spray blocking. It finished off at just about 6 feet long, which was a little longer than I anticipated, but a welcome change. I'm contemplating getting a pin or something to secure it while I'm walking. We'll see. Pictures of the finished product sometime tomorrow.


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