Wednesday, November 03, 2004


That's all I can say about the election. Ugh. That, and it's terribly sad that we're so divided as a nation that we can't seem to elect a leader. Yet another reason to toss the Electoral College out the window. I'm all for direct elections - it may elect someone I don't like, but at least we'd be sure about who the President is instead of having him be appointed by the Supreme Court.

Okay enough politics. Well, until it's time to cheer for Hillary '08. :)

Got lots of knitting done last night while watching CNN. I've finished the gussett decreases on the second Seaweed sock, and managed 3 more repeats on The Shawl. Only 24 to go at this point. I'll post a picture of the sock later this evening.

I'm also going to update my sidebar, and include more links to some of the blogs I read. Oh, and one of these days I need to figure out how to put buttons on my page. My picture hoster doesn't seem to like .gif files, so I need to find a way to subvert them.


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