Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Playing Catch-up

I had planned for an update yesterday afternoon when I got home from the dentist, but I was so worn out from getting 3 fillings that I just landed up crawling into bed for a nap. So, here I am today.

Andrew and I had a great Thanksgiving. We drove up to Woddbridge on Wednesday night after I got home from work. Traffic was a little wonky in points, but not horrible. We made the trip in about 2 1/2 hours. I tried to do a bit of knitting in the car, but it was just too dark to be reliable, so I landed up putting it away. We listened to several of our new CD's which was fun. After dinner that night we went grocery shopping, then I stayed up to bake some pumpkin bread for dinner on Thursday. I made a loaf of Pumpkin Swirl bread on Tuesday night, so the baking wasn't too overwhelming.

Thursday morning I got up and made zucchini bread, at Matt's request. There ended my involvement in preparing Thanksgiving dinner(!). I spent the rest of the day watching some aimless TV, knitting, and watching everyone else prepare their contributions to dinner. It was pretty fun to watch 4 people try to navigate in the kitche at once, and I was glad to be viewing only from the sidelines.

Dinner was excellent, and we all left the table in near food-comas. We watched The Apprentice later (and saw that stupid ass Pepsi bottle design), and tried to resist the lure of dessert. Friday involved leftovers, a game of Trivial Pursuit (I won) and video games. I got more knitting done.

Saturday we stayed to watch the UVa-Virginia Tech football game. We had such high hopes. It was really depressing to watch. However, the coolest part, by far, was watching Ahmad Brooks leap over the Tech linemen to sack the quarterback. It was an amazing display of athleticism.

Saturday night Andrew and I drove back to C-ville, and spent the evening relaxing and recovering from the past few days of shameful gluttony. :)

On to the knitting!

First, I finished the first Fluted Banister sock. Way too late to finish the pair for the Six Socks deadline, but with plenty of time to knit the second sock for Christmas.

I also spent a lot of time messing around with my Filatura Di Crosa Luna yarn. I had intended to make it into a scarf, but wasn't happy with anything I was producing. So instead I started knitting up a swatch for the sweater I plan to make with it later.

My stitch gauge is spot-on, but my row gauge is way off - 6 rows to the inch, and I should be getting 4.5. Not sure what to do here. I'm also learning to cable without a cable needle, which I'm not sure I like. It's certainly faster than using the cable needle, but it doesn't seem to look as good. I'm sure I just need more practice.

I also managed to finish the first Lunchtime Sock over the weekend. No pictures of that just yet, but I am quite pleased with the way it turned out, and I had more than enough yarn left over. I should probably be able to eek out a pair of baby booties for CIC or something.

Remeber the yarn binge I mentioned? Well, it all arrived on Wednesday, so I only got a quick peek at it before we left for Woodbridge. However, without further ado... here it all is.

Yup, I bought yarn and the pattern to make Charlotte's Web from The Knitting Zone. Lovely people, with lovely yarns. Good prices, too.

Here's a closeup of the yarns:

Oh, wait... what's this?

Oh... and this.

Yeah. The word overboard comes to mind. Wasn't I just discussing the unsuitability of variegated yarns for lace patterns? Did that encourage me to buy solid yarns to use with this pattern? Of course not. So, yes, 2005 will largely be dominated by knitting Charlottes. (Do I need 3 Charlottes? I'm like the Yarn Harlot with her mitten obsession, but only half as productive. It's shameful.)

I also bought some sock yarn:

That's Opal 5001 and Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in "Sweetie." Lovely stuff.

Finally, from Ewe Knits, I ordered enough yarn to make the scarf code-named "Fish Scarf." (I'll explain the code name after it's done and been givent to the recipient.)

This will be another project that will be photo-free, lest the intended recipient catch a glimpse of it before it's done. I was hoping for a Christmas debut for the Fish Scarf, but with the Lunchtime Sock still in the works, Valentine's Day will probably be more likely.

That's all! (And more than enough, certainly.)


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