Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Non-Knitting Post

This post will probably contain very little actual knitting content. You have been warned.

Today is New Music Tuesday at Best Buy. I haven't bought a new CD in at least 6 months, so I'm a bit excited about this one. Live is coming out with a CD/DVD combo, as is Sarah McLachlan. I'm also hoping to pick up the soundrack to Love, Actually. Now, naturally, I can afford to buy 3 new CD's because I just started a yarn diet. Never mind the fact that I stared the yarn diet because I just finished a yarn binge (which shipped out yesterday, by the way). So I may spend some quality time "massaging" my checkbook to see how much of New Music Tuesday I'll actually be partaking in. Andrew, in the meanwhile, has his eye on the new U2, Pearl Jam, and Goo Goo Dolls CD's. Luckily, Andrew isn't just coming off a yarn binge (we'd definitely need a 3rd bedroom if we both had fiber hobbies).

What's our justification for these purchases? We're driving up to Woodbridge for Thanksgiving on Wednesday night, and it would be nice to have some new music to listen to. Of course, we're ignoring the fact that we'll be potentially buying 6 CD's with close to 8 hours of music for 4-hour round-trip journey. I think we're being hypnotized by our capitalist society. (Of course, that knowledge probably won't stop me from buying new CD's tonight.)

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I've been assigned bread duty this year by Andrew's mother, which is a step up from the mashed potato duty I had last year. I was hoping for pie duty (since I'm keen to try out that apple pie recipie again), but it was not meant to be. Maybe next year. Anyway, given that I was on bread duty, and I had never made bread before (there's a joke in there, I'm sure), I decided to give my bread-making skills a go, and whipped up some Pumpkin Swirl bread on Saturday. Fortunately, it was a big hit. Andrew was (and still is) weirded out by the cream-cheese swirl in the middle of the bread, but says it tastes quite good. I believe him (having also enjoyed the bread myself), although I know he's gamely consumed large amounts of my less-than-stellar cooking productions, such as the Lasagna That Wouldn't Die (we ate it for 5 days, no joke), and the Apple Cake From Hell (it was fine on day one, but by day seven I "accidentally" dropped some in the garbage). Needless to say, I'm really glad the pumpkin bread turned out well, and continues to taste good, even after 4 days (c'mon -- there's only 2 of us. It takes time to get through these things.). So, tonight I get to make another swirl bread, and tomorrow after we get to Woodbridge, I'm trying my hand at zucchini and plain pumpkin. I am woman. Hear me bake. :)

I've reached that place in life again where I have to make Christmas Lists. It's kind of strange for me. For the past few years I think my mum's been a bit clueless about what to get me, so she's gone with the safer "I'm sure she'll like these no matter what" gifts - chocholate, money, earrings, etc. Finally, last year, she had the great idea to have me make a wishlist at amazon.com. What brilliance! Why didn't we think of this 5 years ago? Now I can get the knitting book I want without worrying about Vogue Scarves getting confused with Vogue Scarves 2, and my mom doesn't need to worry about whether or not she gave me the wrong book. I don't mean to make it sound like my mum's a bad gift-giver or something - she's been incredibly generous and thoughtful my whole life. But it's got to be a challenge to shop for your adult child who has different hobbies than you, and who lives 1,000 miles away. So for all of you with college-aged kids out there, I'd like to promote the use of the amazon.com wishlist for all its versatile wonderfulness.

As a note, though -- do be careful about how you use your wishlist. I looked at Andrew's last Christmas to see if there was a book he wanted that would fit in my budget. I saw The Wind-up Bird Chronicle. It looked really interesting, and I figured I'd borrow it from him once he was done. Christmas day arrives, and I'm opening my last gift from him, and he's opening his last gift from me. Don't you know it. We bought each other the same book. It turns out Andrew was using his wish list as a "things I'll buy in the future list" (I'm not clear on why his shopping cart didn't work for that function). So the book was actually on his list because he wanted to buy it for me, not because he wanted to recieve it. It worked out well, though. We were able to exchange his book for a set of Hemmingway short stories without any trouble.

It's ocurred to me that this post could potentially go on forever, so I'm going to just stop here. Tune in for more real life stories next week. :)

Knitting content: didn't get to work on the Lunchtime Sock today, since Andrew met me at work and took me out to Subway as a treat. I'll try to play catch-up tomorrow and during the holiday.


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