Friday, November 12, 2004

Happy Friday!

I know I was going to post about my adventures with some Folk Socks, but I keep forgetting to look up the name of the sock when I'm at home. Anyhoo, it's the kilt hose sock, that has the turndown cuff with the diamond pattern on it.

I made some adjustments to the pattern (mostly because I knew the intended recipient wouldn't wear it as it was in the book), so instead of the turn-down cuff I just did plain ribbing, and then switched to the leg pattern. I've got 3 1/2 repeats of the leg pattern done thus far. It's an 8-row repeat, and I really enjoy knitting rows 1-3, and 5-8. So what's wrong with row 4, you ask? Well row 4 starts off with a YO, immediately followed by an SSK. In fact row 4 consists of 9 YO's followed by SSK's. I hate SSK's with a passion. So row 4 and I don't get along too well. Fortunately it's only 12.5% of the pattern. :)

I've decided to put the other Christmas knits on hold until I finish The Shawl (which, it occurred to me last night, could easily become The Poncho. :shudder:), lest it get too cold for me to wear it by the time its done (which is becoming a distinct posibility). Anyhoo, I'm on repeat 73 of The Shawl, which means 17 or so to go. The end is in sight.

I did manage a few rows of the Fluted Banister socks last night, after my wrists got too tired for The Shawl. I only did 2 repeats of the 4-row pattern, but it's progress. I'll probably get a good bit done this weekend, as we're having weekend guests, and it may be too crowded on the couch for waving around my 14-inch straight needles. That, and DPN's are much better for jabbing people if they invade your personal space. :)

So this weekend we're hosting Andrew's dad, brother, and his brother's co-worker, Joseph, while we all head to the Virginia vs. Miami game on Saturday afternoon. This is my first-ever football game, and by all accounts it ought to be a doozy.

In the meantime, Andrew and I have been debating about the level of cleanliness requried by weekend guests, some of whom will be sleeping on the floor. I think we've agreed that dust buffalo cannot be passed off as works of art, but that laundry can be hidden in the linen closet, so long as we get the guest towels out before everyone arrives. Yeah, we're prepared.

Go WaHoo's!


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