Monday, November 15, 2004

Football is Definitely an Indoor Sport

I went to my very first football game on Saturday. I am, at most, a casual fan of football. Actually, I'll be honest. I'm a fan of football only because Andrew is, and if he didn't watch it, I wouldn't either. However, over the last few months I've gained an appreciation for the sport, and the technical skill involved in playing. I've also learned a few things from watching it on TV, so it's no longer quite so incomprehensible. And, oddly, my Saturday doesn't feel quite complete unless I watch Gameday for at least a few minutes.

Saturday, however, put me right back at square one. The game started at 3:30. So we left the house at 12:30 to walk to the stadium. We got in line, waited for the gates to open, got seats, and then cooled our heels for 2 hours. 2 hours with no knitting. Then again, it was too cold outside for any knitting to occur.

Then the game started. Great, right? Um... I had no idea what was going on. The advantage of watching football on TV (as I have since discovered) is that there are nice men known as commentators to tell you what's happening, and other nice men known as cameraguys who can zoom in on the action and follow the football so you don't have to. Lacking in these basic tools, I was constantly confused and misdirected. I missed entire plays, because I was searching my pockets for Kleenex, and there was no commentary to tell me that they were hiking the ball again (my below-average-male-height-female-self could not always see sections of the field).

I didn't not enjoy my experience, I just discovered that, for me, football is definitely an indoor sport. Indoors: where there are bathrooms, Kleenex, cushioned chairs, snackies, knitting, and other channels during TV commercial breaks. When I finally got home, stiff and freezing, 7 hours later, I didn't feel like I had wasted my $40, but I was also glad that I had no immediate plans to spend another $40 in a similar fashion.

For the record, UVa lost, which was also very disappointing. If I was cold, shouldn't those Miami players have been ice cubes in those lycra uniforms? I guess not.

To cap off my weekend football experience, here's a picture of some UVa Orange Fever, right in my very own home (and playing Tiger Woods Golf, no less):

(Clockwise, from the window: Vijay, Andrew, Matt, Greg, and Joseph)


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