Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bike Helmets

I was walking home from work yesterday, determined to squeeze a bit of excercise into my sedentary life, and as I was walking down 14th street - a fairly steep hill - I witnessed a painful bike accident. From what I saw, a young woman was coming down the hill on her bike, and was going pretty fast. A car was pulling out of a driveway, turning left, and didn't realize how fast the bike was traveling. The car pulled out, and cleared the path of the bike, but I think the woman on the bike panicked, and slammed on her brakes. She went head over wheels, and slammed into the pavement. She wasn't wearing a helmet. Another woman and I called 911, and the paramedics showed up fairly quickly. The bicyclist appeared to be okay (all things considered) - she was semi-responsive, and had movement in her fingers and toes - but her face and head were bruised and bleeding.

Seeing this reminded me of all the times I went bike riding or rollerblading as a kid with no helmet on, and how lucky I was to avoida mishap like this. So as my public service announcement for the week, I encourage everyone out there to be safe and observant when out on a bike or rollerblades (or other form of non-car wheeled transportation). Wear a helmet, stay at a safe speed, and be aware of the cars around you - drivers can't see everything, and cars are a lot bigger than you are.


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