Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Sock Imports Halted

(Courtesy of The Inquirer)

USA tells China to put a sock in it
Sundae Supplement Darn it
Adamson Rust: Sunday 24 October 2004, 06:52

THE US TRADE deficit with Communist China will reach $140 billion this year according to the august Wall St Journal and so the government has decided to do something about this.
The Bush administration has imposed a quota on sock imports from China. Imports of Communist socks are having a terrible effect on the USA home grown sock market, it appears, so there will be a cap put on Chinese hosiery.
The Bush administration is reacting to lobbying from US textile manufacturers. They feel that an avalanche of low cost socks may ruin their own hosiery business. They also want a cap put on underwear as well. But not on caps yet, it appears.
Earlier this year the US government imposed a cap on night dresses and bras. Do people still wear night dresses?
Last year a staggering 265 million pairs of socks were imported from China. Not surprisingly, big shops are protesting against the move which could hole their own plans, darn it.
Few people these days remember the practice of darning socks, using special hardware devices called darning needles. These days, patches are restricted to software products, it appears.


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