Friday, October 29, 2004

One Down, One to Go

In finished the first sock of the pair for my mum on Wednesday night while I was watching the Red Sox win the Series. (A world championship for your hometown team, and a finished sock - what could be better?) I'm very pleased with the way they turned out; hopefully she will be too.

I was too tired last night to take a picture of them, so I did this at 7:00 this morning, which explains why they're sitting on top of one of Andrew's notebooks, and the picture is vaguely unfocused. Oh well. I'll post a better pictured when I've made progress on the second sock.

Didn't do any knitting last night. I fell asleep on the couch for more than an hour, and woke up with just enough time to make some dinner and watch "The Apprentice." (What is up with those horrid voice-overs, by the way? Surely they could get Trump to say those lines with the camera pointing at him in a re-shoot, right?) Andrew and I are going up to Woodbridge this weekend to celebrate Matt's birthday (must get wrapping paper for the Pumpkin Scarf), so I'm going to work on the second Clown sock all weekend. This means little attention for The Shawl, but I think it'll be okay in the house by itself for the weekend.

Speaking of the house... our fridge seems to be on the blink. The freezer works fine, but the fridge part has grown decidedly warm over the last few days. I was in denial for a day or two, and tried turning up the temperature, but then Andrew mentioned it last night, so it's definitely time to call the repair people. It's okay if we're both in denial, but if the problem's become bad enough that it must be mentioned out loud, immediate action must be taken. :) This morning I noticed a vaguely funky smell emerging as I went to get some milk, so I suspect our hot dogs have bit the dust. It's a good thing we caught this before leaving for the weekend.

Enough about the fridge! Have a great weekend, and don't forget to vote!


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