Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My First Weekend Knit

Yeah, I know it's Tuesday, and I'm just getting around to talking about what I've been working on over the weekend. Chalk it up to early-in-the-week tiredness, I guess.

Anyhoo, as I mentioned before, Matt was visiting us over the weekend, so he and Andrew watched/played an obscene amount of football. Which, of course, left me free to get lots of knitting done. A brief summary (which will one day have pictures):

Eyelash scarf: My first weekend project. Well, technically I started it on a Thursday night during the Apprentice, but it would've been a 2-dayer had I not had to rip back nearly 12 inches due to a dropped stitch that I couldn't find again in all that fuzziness. I used Bernat Eyelash yarn, in "Cool" and "Glam". Looks and feels neat, but I'll probably never use it again.

Mum's Clown socks: Started a pair of socks for my mother using Regia color #5048. Yes, she actually picked out the color herself. This is the first pair of socks I've started in a while, and I'm trying out a new pattern, so I'm having a good time with them.

Impressions shawl: I've been working on this monster for what feels like ages, but I've finally hit the halfway mark (270 rows to go!). I'm using the now-discontinued Paton's Impressions hand-dyed wool in a light blue/lavender colorway. Not my favorite yarn, but it's working out well. The pattern is from the Vogue Knitting Scarves book, although I don't remember the exact title of the pattern. I'm hoping to have it finished by mid-November at the latest.

Yup, only 3 (well, 2 now) knitting projects going at once. I must be sick or something. :)


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