Monday, October 18, 2004

Mum's Socks, Again

This is a new shot of my mum's clown socks, just for the hell of it.

After the heel-turning screw up of last week, I haven't made much new progress. I've re-knitted half the heel flap, and then kind of ran out of steam there. My hands still aren't back into the habit of regular socknitting, so I can only knit at this gauge for an hour or so before I need to switch to something a little less tiny (such as The Shawl). Besides that, the yarn for Matt's scarf arrived on Friday, so they've been on hold since then.

However, they will certainly be done well in time for Christmas (hopefully along with another pair or two), so not to worry ('cause I know all of you were worried that I might get single sock syndrome or disappoint my mother at the holidays or something equally horrid, right?).

As you can see, progress is slow at this point. Posted by Hello


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