Monday, October 18, 2004

Matt's Birthday Scarf

Since I've been on such a scarf kick lately, I decided to continue the trend and knit Matt a scarf for his birthday, which is this Wednesday.

I was originally considering a more neon-oriented orange color, but lack of availibility (as well as common sense) prevailed, and I settled on some Patons Country Garden DK in "Pomegranate." Now, I always thought pomegranates were red, so I would've called this color "Pumpkin," but I guess the folks at Patons know something I don't. Since the yarn is discontinued, I got some great help from the Socknitters list in finding it, and finally bought it off a very friendly lady who sells oodles of yarn on Ebay.

Andrew, having seen this scarf, has declared that he wants a similar one, but in UVa orange and blue. I've never tried this pattern in multiple colors, so if any of my readers (do I have any readers???) have suggestions on the best way to make that work, I'd appreciate the advice.

The scarf is about 1/3rd done in this picture. I made it to the halfway mark last night, so I should be done just in time for the weekend. Posted by Hello


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