Monday, October 25, 2004

A Few Last Random Things...

Last post for the day, I swear.

First of all, to Jessie, who chastized me in the comments for buying yarn from Walmart, I say this: I knitted with that yarn while drinking a Coke, eating a Mt. Olive pickle, and heating my house with Exxon-supplied fuel. Oh, and I was watching the 700 Club at the same time. Pick your poison. ;)

Second, I have this handy bit of code at the end of my page that lists all the websites that referred people to my blog over the last 24 hours. Some of them make sense (Yahoo Mail, etc.). Many of them do not. Saturday night I signed on to discover that someone had found my blog courtesy of the "Erotic Literature and Sexual Writings" blog. Do you see the connection? I don't. Maybe someone out there has a knitting needle fetish.

That scares me.

Finally, more congratulations and praise to the Boston Red Sox, who, despite several errors, have managed to do an excellent job of winning games 1 and 2 of the World Series, despite the frigid temperatures in Boston. Good luck in St. Louis, boys.


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