Sunday, October 31, 2004

Nearly There!

I got quite a bit of knitting done on Mum's Clown socks this weekend.

I cast on for the socks Friday night in the car, but quickly realized it was too dark to actually get any knitting done. I managed to get the cuff done that night, and then three pattern repeats on Saturday. Today I finished the leg, and about 3/4 of the heel flap. I should finish turning the heel tomorrow, hopefully having the pair done by the end of the week.

Friday, October 29, 2004

One Down, One to Go

In finished the first sock of the pair for my mum on Wednesday night while I was watching the Red Sox win the Series. (A world championship for your hometown team, and a finished sock - what could be better?) I'm very pleased with the way they turned out; hopefully she will be too.

I was too tired last night to take a picture of them, so I did this at 7:00 this morning, which explains why they're sitting on top of one of Andrew's notebooks, and the picture is vaguely unfocused. Oh well. I'll post a better pictured when I've made progress on the second sock.

Didn't do any knitting last night. I fell asleep on the couch for more than an hour, and woke up with just enough time to make some dinner and watch "The Apprentice." (What is up with those horrid voice-overs, by the way? Surely they could get Trump to say those lines with the camera pointing at him in a re-shoot, right?) Andrew and I are going up to Woodbridge this weekend to celebrate Matt's birthday (must get wrapping paper for the Pumpkin Scarf), so I'm going to work on the second Clown sock all weekend. This means little attention for The Shawl, but I think it'll be okay in the house by itself for the weekend.

Speaking of the house... our fridge seems to be on the blink. The freezer works fine, but the fridge part has grown decidedly warm over the last few days. I was in denial for a day or two, and tried turning up the temperature, but then Andrew mentioned it last night, so it's definitely time to call the repair people. It's okay if we're both in denial, but if the problem's become bad enough that it must be mentioned out loud, immediate action must be taken. :) This morning I noticed a vaguely funky smell emerging as I went to get some milk, so I suspect our hot dogs have bit the dust. It's a good thing we caught this before leaving for the weekend.

Enough about the fridge! Have a great weekend, and don't forget to vote!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Victory! and Other News

Well, after 86 years of disappointment, the Red Sox have finally achieved victory. During the game, there was a great shot of Sox fans cheering at a bar in New York. A bit ironic, I'd say.

In other news, there is apparently a strange historic correlation between the final Redskins home game and the winner of the Presidential election. As much as I hate to say it, I'm hoping Green Bay whomps them this time around.

Read Anna Quindlen's latest column, which talks about the uneven role the United States plays in international events, and how we seem to be giving the impression that we're more willing to start war than to start peace.

Finally, for my own 15-seconds of fame, a question I submitted to MSNBC was posted and answered by their "Reality TV Experts." Read this to find out what happens to those poor folks who are voted out of the tribe on Survivor.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Sock Imports Halted

(Courtesy of The Inquirer)

USA tells China to put a sock in it
Sundae Supplement Darn it
Adamson Rust: Sunday 24 October 2004, 06:52

THE US TRADE deficit with Communist China will reach $140 billion this year according to the august Wall St Journal and so the government has decided to do something about this.
The Bush administration has imposed a quota on sock imports from China. Imports of Communist socks are having a terrible effect on the USA home grown sock market, it appears, so there will be a cap put on Chinese hosiery.
The Bush administration is reacting to lobbying from US textile manufacturers. They feel that an avalanche of low cost socks may ruin their own hosiery business. They also want a cap put on underwear as well. But not on caps yet, it appears.
Earlier this year the US government imposed a cap on night dresses and bras. Do people still wear night dresses?
Last year a staggering 265 million pairs of socks were imported from China. Not surprisingly, big shops are protesting against the move which could hole their own plans, darn it.
Few people these days remember the practice of darning socks, using special hardware devices called darning needles. These days, patches are restricted to software products, it appears.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My First Pair

Since I don't have any noticable knitting progress to share photos of, here's an oldie but goodie.

This is my first pair of socks. (Yeah, I know there's only one sock in the picture. Just imagine an identical one sitting next to it. It exists, I swear.) My first actual sock is hidden in a drawer somewhere, a testament to learning not to be a slave to a pattern. That, and learning how to correctly follow a pattern. ;)

Anyhoo, I knit this lovely sock out of Patons Look at Me! yarn, in an outrageously bright (the photo doesn't fully capture the loudness of the color) fuschia yarn. I used the "blueberry waffle" pattern, and added glow-in-the-dark yarn in the heel. Given that these socks are made out of 100% acrylic yarn, they don't see much wear. Okay, to be honest, they don't see any wear these days, but we can just chalk that up to my yarn snobbery. That, and the fact that acrylic is damn uncomfortable after an hour or so, and can't begin to compare to the lovey softness of my Lorna's Laces socks. Let's just say they're heirlooms now, okay?

Monday, October 25, 2004

A Few Last Random Things...

Last post for the day, I swear.

First of all, to Jessie, who chastized me in the comments for buying yarn from Walmart, I say this: I knitted with that yarn while drinking a Coke, eating a Mt. Olive pickle, and heating my house with Exxon-supplied fuel. Oh, and I was watching the 700 Club at the same time. Pick your poison. ;)

Second, I have this handy bit of code at the end of my page that lists all the websites that referred people to my blog over the last 24 hours. Some of them make sense (Yahoo Mail, etc.). Many of them do not. Saturday night I signed on to discover that someone had found my blog courtesy of the "Erotic Literature and Sexual Writings" blog. Do you see the connection? I don't. Maybe someone out there has a knitting needle fetish.

That scares me.

Finally, more congratulations and praise to the Boston Red Sox, who, despite several errors, have managed to do an excellent job of winning games 1 and 2 of the World Series, despite the frigid temperatures in Boston. Good luck in St. Louis, boys.

World on Fire

To all you out there who are fans of Sarah McLachlan, or who are supporters of international relief organizations, or both, I highly recommend taking a look at this:
World on Fire

I recommend viewing it only if you have DSL or similar, and only if you're in a place where you can actively listen to a few minutes of music and watch a really interesting video. It's totally worth your time, trust me.

What Kind of Knitter Are You?

Let's see if this works:

You appear to be a Knitting Guru.
You love knitting and do it all the time. While finishing a piece is
the plan, you still love the process, and can't imagine a day going by
without giving some time to your yarn. Packing for vacation involves
leaving ample space for the stash and supplies. It can be hard to
tell where the yarn ends and you begin.

Take the Quiz

The Knitting Black Hole

Well, that may not be a completely accurate title. The knitting black hole more refers to endless knitting with no measurable progress. Since I finished Matt's scarf Saturday morning, I've moved back to mum's Clown socks, and The Shawl. I worked on both for many hours over the weekend. While the decreasing amount of yarn and the soreness in my hands can attest to knitting completed, it's hard to see much change among the projects themselves. But for those who care (who?):

I made it to repeat 60 on The Shawl, which means I've got about 30 or so to go. It should be about 56 inches or so when done (or so I'm hoping).

Finished 2 pattern repeats and the gusset decreases on mum's sock. I think that means I have about 5 more inches before I start the toe. Then just the second sock to knit. Oy.

In other knitting news, I've contemplated knitting a scarf for Andrew's aunt Liz for Christmas. We'll see if that's reality, or just my ambition getting the better of me (I think we all know the answer to that one).


Well, I finally got around to making an apple pie with all those apples from Carter Mountain. I decided to go with the French Apple Pie, for two reasons: 1) I have a terrible sweet tooth, so a brown-sugar topping was right up my alley. 2) This was my first attempt at pie crust (well, at a pie at all, really), so I didn't want to have to make 2.

Overall, I was quite pleased with how it turned out. My crust was appropriately flakey, the apples shrunk down to an acceptible height (I started with a real mountain before cooking), and the topping was sweet without being overbearing. (God, I sound like a wine reviewer.)

I took the pie to work today, and it was a big hit. Just wait until I introduce them to my cookies. Then they'll be my slaves for life.

Whoops, the arrogant streak got out for a second there. Anyway, I was pleased to have a nice apple-based success after the disaster of the apple cake, and the less-than-successful apple sauce and baked apples. Needless to say, I've concluded that Fuji apples are not good to cook with (at least, that's what I'm telling myself...).

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dinner, and Voting

Andrew and I went to dinner at a co-worker's house last night. I have, on ocassion, been known to be a little too vocal about my political preferences while in front of the wrong audiences, so I'm relieved to be working amongst a group of die-hard Liberal Democrats who make me look like a mute. However, I realize that some folks can feel overrun by vocal supporters like myself and my co-workers, and can get caught up in the tide, stopping them from making a decision that's truly their own. That said, I'd like to encourage anyone who reads this to investigate the candidates, make an informed decision, and express it on November 2.
The "major" players:
George W. Bush
John Kerry
Ralph Nader

Overviews of all candidates:

By the way, dinner was excellent, and Andrew and I had a great time.

Pumpkin Scarf, Off the Needles

Here's the Pumpkin scarf all by itself. It finished at about 5 feet in length, and took about 2 1/2 skeins of the Paton's Country Garden DK.

For the curious, I cast on 35 stitches on size 5 needles, and then did a k7, p7 pattern for 7 rows. It was a relatively quick knit, which was a nice break from the never-ending Shawl.

My Model

Andrew was a very good sport (thanks, Sweetie!), and agreed to model the finished Pumpkin scarf for me, even knowing I was going to put the picture on my blog (which would probably explain the "I'm not really here" look on his face).

Mum's Socks, Once Again

Having finished Matt's Pumpkin scarf, I went back to work on my mum's Clown socks. I've turned the heel, and done a few rows on the gussett. Andrew convinced me to continue the pattern onto the foot. It'll be a little slower, but it'll make measuring so much easier once I start the second sock.

Eyelash Scarf, etc.

This is the Eyelash scarf I knitted with Bernat's Eyelash yarn from Walmart. The original plan was to alternate colors, but that didn't work too well, so I decided on the simpler half-and-half method. This isn't the best picture, but it certainly gets the fuzziness across. :)

For the record, I was really surprised at how warm this scarf was. I'd still pick wool over this for a snowstorm, but for crisp fall days, this definitely does a good job of keeping my neck warm. And it's quite stylish, too. :)

I'd like to take this opportunity to offer my highest congratulations to the Boston Red Sox, for their amazing comeback against the Yankees last week. I will certainly be keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for the upcoming games against the Cardinals. (Go Sox! Stomp those birds!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Happy Birthday Matt!

Let's all sing, shall we?

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear Matt,
Happy birthday to you.

How old are you now?
How old are you now?
You smell like a cow,
And you look like one, too.

Green With... Well, Change

Those of you who have visited my lovely blog before might notice the slight shift in color. I decided the green motif was more up my alley. I also did a bit of editing, and you'll now find "Links" and "Blogs I Read" sections on the right side. One of these days I'll master buttons, and add a few of those for posterity (or something like that).

Still working on the pumpkin scarf. I'm at the 2/3 ~ 3/4 mark right now, so I anticipate no problems for finishing by Friday. I mean, unless I get hit by the beer truck, or struck by lightening, or become the victim of divine smiting or some other unforseen event. Then again, if the events are unforseen (as divine smiting often is), how could I anticipate it? Exactly. Which just goes to show that a forum like this (meaning an unmoderated one) is bad for a person like me, who tends to run off at the fingers. Imagine if I talked like this. :)

In other news, I'm quite excited by the success of these folks, who I refuse to name publicly lest I somehow manage to jinx things this evening. I will, however, continue to cheer for them in the silent, yet excited, manner.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Starbucks, Lost Time, Oh, and Some Knitting

Not much knitting content today - I did a few repeats of the Pumpkin Scarf last night, but most of my evening was taken up by (I confess) reading and video games. Andrew was working in the library for a few hours last night, so I had the house to myself. Did I run wild? Play loud annoying music? Cook and eat oodles of mushrooms? No, I laid on the couch and finished a book. After I finished the book, I played Paper Mario. (Can I just add at this point that I love the Game Cube and all of Nintendo's characters? Especially Yoshi. Any game involving Yoshi is an instant hit with me. Provided that he's a playable character, and not just Mario's pony.)

Hm... where was I? Oh, right - knitting. Didn't do much of it. Having multiple hobbies really sucks sometimes.

Speaking of knitting (well, writing), I was thinking the other day, as I sat frogging the heel on my mum's sock, about the number of knitting hours I would have back if I never had to frog a project. Let's face it - frogging is a huge part of knitting. Sometimes you read the pattern wrong, sometimes the pattern is wrong on its own, and sometimes the Yarn Goddess just chooses to mess up your gauge. (For more on appeasing the Yarn Goddess, read the Yarn Harlot's blog. She's an even bigger believer than I am. Then again, she can knit an Aran sweater in 14 days, so maybe belief pays off somehow.)

Where was I... right, lost time. I tried knitting a lace shawl about a year ago. I was 30 hours into it when I finally realized that it was turning into a bit of a disaster, and that I would either have to consign myself to finishing and never wearing it in public, or just sucking up the lost time as a learning experience, and ripping the whole thing out. Well, I ripped, and have yet to start that one again. Sure, I learned from my 30 lost hours, but couldn't there have been a slightly faster way to figure out the lesson (sure - not attempting a pattern that was apparently over my head)? After all, 30 hours is at least 1 pair of socks. There's really no point to this, I just started thinking about it one night, and began to speculate about all the knitting projects I could have done if I didn't have to undo half my knitting projects. But hey, if I was perfect on the first try, where would the fun (and the blog material) be in that?

For those of you who don't know me (if you don't know me, who are you? How did you get here? Leave a comment!), I will unashamedly make it known that I am a Starbucks addict. The only thing stopping me from becoming a once-a-day Starbucks-er is my student loan debt. If I could spare $3 a day to go to Starbucks, I would, and quite happily.

I'm not completely sure when my Starbucks addiction started, some point in college certainly, but I know it hit its highest (lowest? most addicted?) proportions while I was in graduate school. At Vandy, there was a Starbucks just across the street from the Div school. (There was also a Ben & Jerry's, but for some reason I didn't patronize them as much). I resisted the alluring pull of Starbucks until one day in my second year my friend Courtney dragged me in (okay, so she didn't really drag me, it was more like she gave me the excuse I had been waiting for, but cut me a little slack here, okay?). That was the beginning of the end for me. I soon became a mutiple-times-a-week-if-not-every-weekday Starbucks visitor, especially during those January mornings before Aramaic. As the weather got warmer, I switched from Carmel Apple Cider or Carmel Macchiato to the Carmel Frappuccino (are you spotting the pattern here?). Those frappuccino's got me through Megillot with Jack Sasson, and were my weekly companion during my summer job at the Vandy Police Department.

I have even sunk so low as to get the Starbucks Visa card. Somehow that seems so much worse than the card, or a frequent flyer miles card, or any of the other cards that give you free (or cheaper) stuff. I have a credit card that allows me to get free coffee. Coffee that is incredibly overpriced. Let's be honest - with a blender, I could probably make many of these drinks at home for a fraction (and a small one at that) of the cost. But there's something about Starbucks that makes it all worth it. Something about that coffee siren haning over the door says it's okay to spend $4 on a drink that will be gone in 2 hours. I wonder if she's related to the Yarn Goddess.

However, ocassionally good things do come of my Starbucks addition. Last summer I got to know Jeff, the Starbucks Guy, who works at the 2525 West End Starbucks in Nashville. Jeff the Starbucks Guy introduced me to Susan Howatch, who has written an excellent fiction series about the Church of England during the years surrounding WWII. Howatch is an outstanding writer who has a great grasp of theology (and not just the big names) as well as psychology. Her dialogue is sharp and witty, and her explanations of dogma and history are suprisingly lucid - she's better than most textbooks I've read.

Right, back to my Starbucks addiction. Oh, so today I decided to give the White Chocolate Mocha a whirl. My mum sent me some money for Halloween (thanks Mummee!), so I decided to treat myself to a $4 coffee drink (I know she'd be okay with that. And if not, well, it's too late - the drink is mostly in my stomach by now). The first half was less than stellar, and I was a bit disappointed, but then I swirled the cup a bit to re-mix the particles that sink to the bottom. Ah... then the happiness ocurred. Apparently my mocha was not well stirred, since all the tasty syrup seems to have been at the bottom. My swirl got all that syrup mixed in properly, so now I'm enjoying half of a really tasty mocha. It could only be better if it had caramel in it. :)

Monday, October 18, 2004

Mum's Socks, Again

This is a new shot of my mum's clown socks, just for the hell of it.

After the heel-turning screw up of last week, I haven't made much new progress. I've re-knitted half the heel flap, and then kind of ran out of steam there. My hands still aren't back into the habit of regular socknitting, so I can only knit at this gauge for an hour or so before I need to switch to something a little less tiny (such as The Shawl). Besides that, the yarn for Matt's scarf arrived on Friday, so they've been on hold since then.

However, they will certainly be done well in time for Christmas (hopefully along with another pair or two), so not to worry ('cause I know all of you were worried that I might get single sock syndrome or disappoint my mother at the holidays or something equally horrid, right?).

As you can see, progress is slow at this point. Posted by Hello

Matt's Birthday Scarf

Since I've been on such a scarf kick lately, I decided to continue the trend and knit Matt a scarf for his birthday, which is this Wednesday.

I was originally considering a more neon-oriented orange color, but lack of availibility (as well as common sense) prevailed, and I settled on some Patons Country Garden DK in "Pomegranate." Now, I always thought pomegranates were red, so I would've called this color "Pumpkin," but I guess the folks at Patons know something I don't. Since the yarn is discontinued, I got some great help from the Socknitters list in finding it, and finally bought it off a very friendly lady who sells oodles of yarn on Ebay.

Andrew, having seen this scarf, has declared that he wants a similar one, but in UVa orange and blue. I've never tried this pattern in multiple colors, so if any of my readers (do I have any readers???) have suggestions on the best way to make that work, I'd appreciate the advice.

The scarf is about 1/3rd done in this picture. I made it to the halfway mark last night, so I should be done just in time for the weekend. Posted by Hello

The Shrinking Song, by Ogden Nash

Someone posted this great poem to the Socknitters list. There wasn't a title with it, but according to the all-powerful internet, it's called "The Shrinking Song."

Woollen socks, woollen socks!
Full of colour, full of clocks!
Plain and fancy, yellow, blue,
From the counter beam at you.
O golden fleece, O magic flocks!
O irresistible woollen socks!
O happy haberdasher's clerk
Amid that galaxy to work!
And now it festers, now it rankles
Not to have them round your ankles;
Now with your conscience do you spar;
They look expensive, and they are;
Now conscience whispers, You ought not to,
And human nature roars, You've got to!
Woollen socks, woollen socks!
First you buy them in a box.
You buy them several sizes large,
Fit for Hercules, or a barge.
You buy them thus because you think
These lovely woollen socks may shrink.
At home you don your socks with ease,
You find the heels contain your knees;
You realise with saddened heart
Their toes and yours are far apart.
You take them off and mutter Bosh,
You up and send them to the wash.
Too soon, too soon the socks return,
Too soon the horrid truth you learn;
Your woollen socks can not be worn
Unless a midget child is born;
And either sockless you must go,
Or buy a sock for every toe,
Woollen socks, woollen socks!
Infuriating paradox!
Hosiery wonderful and terrible,
Heaven to wear, and yet unwearable.
The man enmeshed in such a quandary
Can only hie him to the laundry,
And while his socks are hung to dry,
Wear them once as they're shrinking by.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Weekend Update

Andrew and I went apple picking this weekend at Carter Mountain, which is about 15 minutes away. They weren't joking about the "mountain" part of the name - at least a mile of the road to the orchard is steep, narrow, and unpaved. We were glad to make it up in one piece. The view is gorgeous, and I wish I'd brought my camera. We got a little overzealous with the picking, and came away with just about 15 lbs. of Fuji apples. My attempt at baked apples last night didn't turn out so hot, so today will be reserved for applesauce and apple pie. Wish me luck! :)

Apples! Posted by Hello

It's the Shawl!!!

Yes, it's finally a picture of the Impressions shawl! I looked up the name - the pattern is actuall the "Antique Fan and Feather Stole" from Vogue Knitting Scarves 1. The yarn I used is completely different from what they recommended in the pattern, but I really like the way it's working up. The little red tie is the 50-repeat mark, so right now I'm at about 54 repeats, with 36 or so to go. I'd like to have it done by the end of the month, but that may be an unrealistic goal.

The shawl Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 14, 2004

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Happy Thursday!
First the good news: I love my job, tomorrow is payday, and The Apprentice is on tonight. Yes, I've become a reality TV addict.

On to the bad news... remember those clown socks I was knitting for my mum? You know, that cute one in the picture below this post? Well, I was working merrily on them the other night, my mind's eye already looking ahead to the post-Christmas knitfest, and the gorgeous cabled sweater I'll be making out of Filatura di Crosa Luna yarn, and, sadly, my mind's eye forgot how to count correctly. Somehow, in my easily distracted brain, I forgot that I had cast on 90 stitches, not 118 as my unable-to-count brain seemed to think. When I was dividing for the heel, I wanted 44 stitches for the heel flap, 46 for the top of the foot. That adds up to 90, right? Well, for some foolish reason I thought I had 30 stitches on needles 1, 2, and 3, and 18 on needle 4. So I moved 4 stitches from 3 to 2, and then knitted the entire heel flap (2 lunch hours worth of work).

But wait, you all say - you didn't have 30 stitches on needle 3, you only had 24.

Yes, says I. You're right. But somehow when I divided the stitches, I didn't remember that. So when I went to actually begin turning the heel this afternoon, imagine my displeasure at discovering I was 6 stitches short of a full heel flap.

I haven't frogged it yet. I wanted to maintain my happy composure for the boring training class I had to go to this afternoon. Maybe I'll frog tonight while I watch The Donald with his badly woven hairpiece and arbitrary firing criteria. (Yes, I really do enjoy that show though. Must be the sadist in me.)

Anyhoo... here's a picture to keep my trend going. I made these socks about 2 years ago, I think.

Yet another picture completely unrelated to what I've talked about today. These were my first pair of Lorna's Laces socks, in the River colorway. I did a simple 1-st purl twist down the leg and foot, so I called them my "Twisted River" socks. (Clever, huh?) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Yes, Finally, It's a Picture

I finally got off my butt, and took a picture of the sock I'm working on for my mum. Like I said, she picked out some Regia in the Clown colorway (which certainly surprised me), and I decided on a variant of the Ocean Socks available on the knitlist 1997 giftlist. I didn't do the cable ribbing, just 15 rounds of 3x3 rib instead, then 6 repeats of the Seaweed pattern. I'll start the heel tomorrow.

Not the best picture in the world, but it's progress for me. Posted by Hello

In other knitting news, I finally made it to repeat 50 of my Impressions shawl, so I've only got a measly 240 rows to go. :)

Oh, and GO RED SOX!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Blog Ate My Post

Dear Blog,
Why did you eat my post? Do I not feed you enough with my polysyllabic words and superlative descriptions? Why do you not let me share my knitting happiness with the world? I have no other blog but you, I am not unfaithful.
Is it my knitting? Are you envious of the many hours I spend faithfully knitting and purling, of dreaming of new patterns and future projects? Please do not be jealous of my knitting. If I were to spend all day with you and ignore my knitting, I would have nothing to post, which would negate your reason for existence. Why can't we find a happy solution?

My First Weekend Knit

Yeah, I know it's Tuesday, and I'm just getting around to talking about what I've been working on over the weekend. Chalk it up to early-in-the-week tiredness, I guess.

Anyhoo, as I mentioned before, Matt was visiting us over the weekend, so he and Andrew watched/played an obscene amount of football. Which, of course, left me free to get lots of knitting done. A brief summary (which will one day have pictures):

Eyelash scarf: My first weekend project. Well, technically I started it on a Thursday night during the Apprentice, but it would've been a 2-dayer had I not had to rip back nearly 12 inches due to a dropped stitch that I couldn't find again in all that fuzziness. I used Bernat Eyelash yarn, in "Cool" and "Glam". Looks and feels neat, but I'll probably never use it again.

Mum's Clown socks: Started a pair of socks for my mother using Regia color #5048. Yes, she actually picked out the color herself. This is the first pair of socks I've started in a while, and I'm trying out a new pattern, so I'm having a good time with them.

Impressions shawl: I've been working on this monster for what feels like ages, but I've finally hit the halfway mark (270 rows to go!). I'm using the now-discontinued Paton's Impressions hand-dyed wool in a light blue/lavender colorway. Not my favorite yarn, but it's working out well. The pattern is from the Vogue Knitting Scarves book, although I don't remember the exact title of the pattern. I'm hoping to have it finished by mid-November at the latest.

Yup, only 3 (well, 2 now) knitting projects going at once. I must be sick or something. :)

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Marcia's Socks

Happy Saturday!
Andrew's brother Matt is visiting us from DC this weekend, which means I'm free to knit merrily while they watch and talk about football. Once I dig out my digital camera I'll add some pictures of more recent projects, but until then, here's one I finished about 8 months ago.

I knitted these socks for Andrew's mother, Marcia, for Christmas 2003. She likes dark colors, and wanted stripes, so I used Paton's Kroy 4-ply in black and brown. I cast on 88 stitches, on size 0 needles. Posted by Hello

Friday, October 08, 2004

First Day on the Blog

Welcome, everyone. I've been inspired by a few other knitting blogs out there, and decided it was well past time that I jump on the blogging bandwagon. That, and I've been needing a place for a while to show off my hand-knitted socks ever since my website keeled over. We'll see how this goes.